Nina Sahraoui was invited to contribute to a forthcoming book, LES SOCIÉTÉS FACE AU DÉFI CLIMATIQUE: QUE SAIT-ON? This collective work is one for our times because it touches on extremely relevant topics including climate change, carbon neutrality, and a just ecological transition.

Download PDF: Étudier les facteurs environnementaux des migrations contemporaines au prisme du genre

Nina Sahraoui was invited to present the GENDEREDCLIMATEMIG project in the latest issue of the Focus journal. This is within a larger project that the Institut Convergences Migrations is doing on the intersection of migration and climate. There is a growing interest to know about the links between the two. However, faced with the real risk of it being used for political instrumentalization and anti-migrant agendas, in part fueled by sensationalist media coverage, academic research is now more essential than ever.